Some perspective on racism, white supremacists, etc., please!

Everyone’s talking about Charlottesville and white supremacists these days – or about the alt-right/alt-left phenomenon. One Canadian news outlet has even thought it appropriate to toss the ball in Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer’s court, wondering whether he should do and say more to distance his Canadian Conservatives from (American) racists. Continue reading “Some perspective on racism, white supremacists, etc., please!”

Minimum wage versus basic income

No one goes through life remaining the same person. We all change over time. A meal we once loved no longer holds any appeal for us. Our tastes change, as do our likes and dislikes. And the same is true of political beliefs. But such a change doesn’t happen from one day to the next, as it did to Michael Coren after suffering a nervous breakdown a couple of years ago. Once a harsh right-winger, he became an extreme left-winger virtually overnight. Continue reading “Minimum wage versus basic income”

Toronto Star wants people to report barbaric cultural practices

Not a single week goes by without some columnist, journalist, politician, etc. ridiculing the Conservative Party of Canada for its “hotline for barbaric cultural practices“, an idea that the party introduced towards the end of the federal election campaign in 2015. (Who cares about what happened in 2015? This is 2017, after all!) Continue reading “Toronto Star wants people to report barbaric cultural practices”

Quality in TV – Less is More

Cord-cutters, streamers, bingers… most of us have moved away from the traditional television model – “television by appointment”. Instead of watching a series episode by episode, week after week, interrupted by a hiatus here and there, we consume entire seasons in just a few days. Continue reading “Quality in TV – Less is More”

Let’s not give Amazon all the credit (and money)

Every day I read about how shopping malls are struggling, particularly in the United States. The most common explanation seems to be that people are doing most of their shopping online these days, such as on Amazon, while major department stores and malls are either scaling back or closing for good. Continue reading “Let’s not give Amazon all the credit (and money)”