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dictionaryIn our globalized world today, being able to communicate not only in different languages, but the right way, is more important and crucial to a company’s success than ever before.

Only too often, companies lose vital business, because a key contract with partners or affiliates was translated incorrectly. Or how about that corporate website that doesn’t seem to attract any visitors, and therefore no business leads… could it have anything to do with the poor quality of the language(s) in which it is written?

Consider the classic case: customers stop buying products, because the instructions or other accompanying documents read as if they had been translated by a machine.

The golden rule of the translation industry: never hire an individual who simply claims to know a few languages. Translation is a skill that involves a lot more than that.

On that note, I am pleased to offer my professional translation services to you. In business since 1987, with zero complaints and plenty of satisfied customers.

I specialize in translations into English and German, translating from German, French, Spanish and English, and cover all the key areas of the corporate world, such as business, contract or technical translations. That includes also, among other things, marketing and copywriting.

Professional translation services do not have to cost an arm and a leg, but they cannot be free either. My motto and my guarantee to you: the more volume (i.e., number of words), the lower the rate you pay for each word.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Werner Patels

Translator, interpreter, writer, thinker, teacher | Traducteur, interprète, écrivain, penseur, enseignant