Donald Trump – hole in one

Quite an achievement for the passionate golfer Donald Trump. Barely in office, he has already done a hole-in-one, sinking his presidency down a deep (rabbit?) hole.

His executive orders on travel and immigration bans have been shredded by the courts, his attempt to repeal Obamacare lies in tatters, and he’s declared war on a faction within the Republican party.

Indeed, a hole in one.

It makes me wonder how all this is going to end. And, I have to admit, he has only himself to blame for most of the failures he’s accumulate so far.

On Obamacare he has failed to come up with a viable alternative. And there’s no surprise there – health care is a delicate and complex issue. It takes years to build a working system and cannot be knocked together overnight.

Obamacare, too, is more jerry-rigged than professional, so Obama and Trump really have no cause for pointing fingers at each other.

From a Canadian perspective, it still boggles the mind that a superpower like the United States should not have a working healthcare system. Every industrialized and developed country has one. No doubt, there are problems everywhere, but they all at least have a system in place.

Rather than gunning for Obamacare, Trump should have tackled “business” issues first, such as taxation. I am sure he could have pulled that off quite masterfully, but now, having burned bridges and scorched a good stretch of earth, it will be interesting to see how much cooperation among Republicans he’ll be able to count on.

After declaring open season on a substantial chunk of the Republican party, my guess is there won’t be much room for negotiations and/or compromise.

However, not all of it is Trump’s fault. Everybody in Washington has to share in the blame. American politicians of all stripes have grown way too rigid over the years. The level of polarization rides high. And that started years before Trump arrived on the scene.

Both Republicans and Democrats have demonstrated a kind of stubbornness that defies all common sense. Where the well-being of the American public should be front and centre, politicians instead look out only for their own narrow, parochial interests.

It’s no wonder that Washington has been paralyzed.

But please don’t kid yourselves: it would have been as much of a fiasco had Hillary Clinton won. U.S. politics would have become even more polarized – and I’ll go as far as to say that a Clinton victory could have easily sparked a new civil war, not figuratively, but literally. As a matter of fact, this particular sword of Damocles is hanging over the U.S. even now.

Author: Werner Patels

Translator - Thinker - Writer

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