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I have decided to re-launch the site, and renamed it First Person. Here I will share my comments and observations about the world we live in from my very own perspective.

I have had the privilege of experiencing and living in different countries over my life. In the process, I learned a bunch of different languages and soaked up the culture and way of thinking that shape how people see the world.

Apart from this common sense side of my life, I have also had the opportunity to gain a lot of school-based education at university level in languages, political science and more.

Most people in English Canada, unfortunately, only have a Canadian, and perhaps American, frame of reference when they think about politics or society. The quality, or rather lack thereof, in newspaper reporting and column writing in English Canada reflects that paucity (and Canadian journalism is filled with bad grammar and lousy spelling – in fact, I would never hire any Canadian journalist even for scribbling dirty messages on the walls of a public washroom). Even most of the highest paid newspaper columnists or television commentators don’t have my background, perspective and education to really analyze the events around them.

Analysis, as one of my university professors would constantly reiterate, is only possible through ‘compare and contrast’. And that skill requires a lot more than spending your life, or most of it, in English Canada and/or the United States of America.

(Truth be told, most of those journalists and commentators have not actually spent any considerable amount of time in the United States; they merely spend a lot of time watching American TV and reading American newspapers. So, all they really have is their English Canadian experience, and since most of them have not really mastered the French language (not enough IQ?), they virtually know nothing about the other important country (yes, country) in this part of North America, Québec.)

Here on this site, therefore, I will share with my readers my true and unvarnished opinions on politics, society, business, technology and entertainment, for example. Since I have seen the world, so to speak, and am capable of thinking outside the English Canadian box, you can rest assured that my views on whatever the topic may be are actually closer to the real truth than what you see or read in the Canadian media.

Where politics is concerned, I have no particular friends or foes. I do not belong to any political party in English Canada, nor do I support any of them in any other way. I am absolutely fine with having a liberal, conservative, or social-democratic government. It is not parties that I’m against, if I’m against anything at all, but only individuals if they don’t pass the test of common sense and proper analysis.

It is against this background that I need to state upfront that the current Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is the most incompetent and most ridiculous political leader I have seen in my lifetime. And anyone who proclaims their vote of confidence and admiration for this particular individual only belies their own lack of perspective and, sadly, intelligence.

Please check back and visit this site frequently and/or check for updates on Twitter or other social media. I will try to publish something worthwhile at least once a week.

Author: Werner Patels

Translator - Thinker - Writer

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