Such is life

A friend of mine today went online to vent about the setbacks he’d suffered recently. Don’t despair, such is life.

We all soar to immense heights one day, only to hit rock bottom the next.

Sometimes, too, life deals us a rotten hand – think of the worst-case scenario: being diagnosed with a terminal disease.

Life needs to be taken as it’s dished out: in small, savoury portions. And do enjoy them now, because you never know when you get the next serving.

Someone I know very well recently filed for personal bankruptcy. Being over fifty, her life is, sadly, over. With a personal bankruptcy, it’ll be a good ten years before her life kind of normalizes again – but she’ll be over sixty then.

Should she throw in the towel? Of course not, it’ll be difficult, but the trick is in always finding something to enjoy and, most importantly, look forward to.

Just as one song famously talks about love being a strange, odd thing, so is life itself.

I could now digress and tell you about the proverbial box of chocolates, but I won’t bore you with that. Instead, go to your pantry, grab one and enjoy it.

Author: Werner Patels

Translator - Thinker - Writer

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