Some perspective on racism, white supremacists, etc., please!

Everyone’s talking about Charlottesville and white supremacists these days – or about the alt-right/alt-left phenomenon. One Canadian news outlet has even thought it appropriate to toss the ball in Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer’s court, wondering whether he should do and say more to distance his Canadian Conservatives from (American) racists. Continue reading “Some perspective on racism, white supremacists, etc., please!”

Quality in TV – Less is More

Cord-cutters, streamers, bingers… most of us have moved away from the traditional television model – “television by appointment”. Instead of watching a series episode by episode, week after week, interrupted by a hiatus here and there, we consume entire seasons in just a few days. Continue reading “Quality in TV – Less is More”

What if Canada joined the EU?

I was a fan of the North-American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) when it was created. But I quickly saw that Canada had been sold a bill of goods, and our country has repeatedly been the victim of bullying, fraud and trickery at the hands of our American neighbours over the years. As far as I am concerned, NAFTA can be ripped up and shredded, and replaced by trading under WTO rules. Continue reading “What if Canada joined the EU?”

We must all do better on healthcare

Nothing is more important than our health, isn’t it? Sad to see that around 24 million Americans are now set to lose the health insurance they gained through Obamacare. And if you have a pre-existing condition, getting insurance will probably be as difficult as it was prior to Obamacare. Continue reading “We must all do better on healthcare”

Can we have some common sense in immigration?

Ours could be such a wonderful world, if only people were a bit smarter. And countries too. U.S. President Donald Trump keeps thinking up ways of limiting immigration to the U.S., while simultaneously trying to get rid of as many foreigners as possible. Continue reading “Can we have some common sense in immigration?”