Toronto Star wants people to report barbaric cultural practices

Not a single week goes by without some columnist, journalist, politician, etc. ridiculing the Conservative Party of Canada for its “hotline for barbaric cultural practices“, an idea that the party introduced towards the end of the federal election campaign in 2015. (Who cares about what happened in 2015? This is 2017, after all!)

I suppose the laughing has stopped now that the Toronto Star, Canada’s newspaper for all things left-wing, has demanded that federal and provincial governments must do more to report and investigate barbaric cultural practices – case in point: female genital mutilation (FMG).

In what appears to be a new investigative feature and series in the Toronto Star, the newspaper has begun detailing accounts of girls who are shipped overseas to undergo this particular, barbaric, treatment.

According to the Star, family members or others sometimes report those acts, acting as whistleblowers against their own families or friends. But, as the newspaper notes, only a tiny fraction of people have the courage to step up, because blowing the whistle like that could, literally, expose them to physical harm, including death.

The Toronto Star now hopes to raise awareness about this problem, expressing its sincere wish for more government action and intervention.

So, let’s get this straight: this pro-Liberal, pro-left newspaper now wants a tip line for barbaric practices and better protection for those who make use of it – the same newspaper in which I saw at least two or three instances of ridiculing the Conservative Party’s proposal just the other week alone.

While the Conservatives tend to go overboard in their attempts to protect Canada and Canadians, the Liberals’ approach is to downplay, or ideally hush up, anything suspicious, inconvenient or downright nasty to do with multiculturalism. Listening to Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, quite recently and for the past few years, the message sent to Canadians is: “Canadian” is bad, “multicultural” is good and above all criticism.

Needless to say that no party competing out there today has yet found the middle ground.

Leaving aside the blinding brightness of the glow of hypocrisy now enveloping the Toronto Star, the newspaper is right: FMG is barbaric and needs to be stopped – not only in Canada, but everywhere else in the world too.

And the same holds true of the double standards that certain elites and media use to measure what’s “good” and what’s “bad”.

Author: Werner Patels

Translator - Thinker - Writer

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